Michigan Bat Specialists

We are the Michigan Bat Specialists, and we are dedicated to you and all your different bat control needs.

We've been around for over 20 years. At Michigan Wildlife Solutions and here at Michigan Bat Control, the bat removal specialists of Michigan. We have successfully completed thousands of bat removal jobs.

Bat Removal Leaders

Most Humane Methods

Our bat removal techniques are poison free. We get of bats in the most humane way possible. We use a live bat exclusion and prevention method to get rid of bats.

Poison Free

We never use poisons to solve any wildlife problem. We are not bat trappers, we are bat control solvers. We get rid of bats and keep them out in a poison-less manner.

Hire a Bat Removal Pro:

  • Quality Phone Support
  • Good Qualifications
  • Best Prices
  • 20 years of experience
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Humane Wildlife Control
  • Poison Free
  • BCI Compliant
Joe- Michigan Bat Control President

Joe Willis

Founder & CEO

Joe has almost 20 years of in the field experience with bat removal jobs. He has completed thousands of bat exclusions. Although he doesn't work in the field as much, his knowledge is well shared throughout the company.

Brooke- Office Manager

Brooke Zimmerman

Office Manager

Brooke is the back bones of the company. With here control of the office staff and daily office task, she keeps us moving out in the field. If you have questions about bat removal she is the go to person. She knows it all.

Tim With Fox


Lead Tech

Tim comes to us with a lot of experience with trapping and repair work. He fits right in with exclusion work as far as getting rid of bats. He provides great customer relations and is one of our lead techs in Michigan.

Have a Bat Removal Specialist Out To Your Home

We have several other bat specialist on our team as well. Aaron, Bill, Zach, Chad, Jared, and Kyle. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your bat problem and we will get a bat control specialists out to your home.