Michigan Bat Eviction Services

Bat Inspection

A homeowner calls for a bat inspection typically because the encounter a bat in the house or scratching noises in the attic. An average home inspection will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. First we take along at the home as a whole by doing a walk around perimeter inspection. Then a roof inspection is necessary to locate entry points and potential entry points into the home. Once we inspect the outside of the home we inspect the attic to look for additional entry points and damages the bats have caused. Often bat leave behind lots of bat guano (their droppings) in the attic. This will usually cause damage to the insulation and can become a health issue. After we inspect the home we provide a written inspection report along with the estimate to get rid of the bats. We also proved a five year warranty along with our services.

Bat Exclusion

At the Michigan Bat Specialists we use bat removal techniques such as the live bat exclusion method to solve any bat problem. Our specialty is getting rid of bats from attics. This problem is solved through the a live bat exclusion methods. There are typically four steps in solving a bat problem. Bat inspection, bat prevention, bat control, and attic restoration. Our techniques for getting rid of bats are both humane and poison free. Let our company solve your bat problem today. We currently services the entire state of Michigan for bat problems. We service residential, commercial, industrial and property managements. We follow all of the guidelines implemented by Bat Conservation International.

Attic Restoration

We know how to get rid of bats and we know how to clean up after them. Removing bat guano and contaminated waste from an attic is essential. Once we have evicted the bats from the attic we go back in and clean up the waste. We use commercial 20 horse power vacuums to suck up insulation and bat guano from the attic. Sometimes we even have to bag up the damaged insulation with construction grade garbage bags. Removing the waste is the start of the process, but decontaminating the attic is the most important part. We use a special attic fogger to control the odor and sanitize the attic. this service can often be covered through your home owners insurance.

Brown Bat With Teeth

Humane Bat Control Company

So now you have bats living in the attic, roof or crawl space, now what? The bats are given an eviction notice to leave your home. They must be dealt with by a professional company. Bats are not rodents, they are mammals just like you and I. Bats don't chew or gnaw their way into your home or attic. They use pre-existing entry points like construction gaps. Small gaps 1/2' x 1.5" are large enough for bats to enter.

Bats enter into your home in common areas

  • Loose siding

  • Construction gaps in eaves

  • Gable Vents

  • Loose mortar on chimney stacks

  • Damaged fascia boards

  • Ridge Vents

  • Siding transitions

  • Any other opening 1/2" or larger.

Bat guano on roof

When to Get Rid of Bats From Your Home

The goal is obviously to get the bats to leave the home without being able to return. This is don't through a live bat exclusion. There are times of the year to consider when getting rid of bats from your home. The end of summer may be the best time to evict bats from the attic. It's important to wait until Mid August most years to remove a bat colony. Bats have their pups during the beginning of Spring. Usually around the third week in May. It may take a few months before the juveniles take flight. If you evict the mothers during maternity season you may trap the bats in the attic.

Here's a Quick Overview on How to Get Rid of Bats

  1. Find the entry point: usually identified by droppings or dark staining.
  2. Install one-way doors or check valves.
  3. Leave one way doors up for at least one week.
  4. Check to make sure all bats have been evicted.
  5. Once you are sure the bats are gone remove the bat doors and seal the openings.

Hire a Bat Removal Pro

If you have bats in the attic you should always contact a professional bat removal company. Typically bat removal is not a DIY project. It takes many years of practice and expertise. There is a lot that goes into the bat removal and control process. It is recommended to hire a bat removal company with experience. Local pest control operators are not always going to have the knowledge and skill that a bat control expert would. Poisons never work and killing bats is illegal.