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Animal Waste Decontamination and Bat Guano Clean-up

Michigan Bat Specialists can help with restoring your attic caused by bats or other wildlife damaging your attic. Bats get into your attic and cause damage. An attic restoration and decontamination is the only proven method to solve your bats in the attic problem.

Any wildlife nesting in your attic will bring diseases, bacteria, and fungi in with them. It is always very important to clean up and decontaminate where bats, birds, and other wildlife have nested in your home. Animal waste clean up and insulation removal will leave your attic free of the feces and contaminates left behind by raccoon's, bats, birds, mice, and other nuisance wildlife. The attic restoration process can be extensive depending on the severity of the problem. It is important the job be done right so the attic is properly decontaminated and no contaminates are brought into the house. To ensure this is done right we follow a process so your home is safe to live in again. We use a four step process to clean out your attic. Below we will describe the process of restoring your attic to the way it needs to be.

Attic Restoration Process

1. Before the clean-up: Proper flooring and contaminate barriers need to be placed around the entry point into the attic. All technicians working on your home need to have protective gear. This includes boots, boot covers, tyvec suit, gloves, respirator, and eye protection. Attic needs to be well lighted with working lights and head lamps. Dumpster is placed outside the working area for removal of any contaminated waste. Industrial insulation vacuum is set up outside the home.

2. During the clean-up: All contaminated insulation and bat guano is removed through our industrial insulation vacuum. If your attic does not have loose fill insulation we have to remove the insulation through heavy duty construction garbage bags. Getting to all of the insulation in your attic can be tough, but essential for a proper attic clean out.

3. After the clean-out: Once the attic is cleaned out of all waste is time to decontaminate and deodorize your attic. We use a handheld fogger for spraying decontaminates into your attic. For odor control we use a paint sprayer to seal and lock out any odors soaked into the wood and drywall. All of our sealers and sanitisers are eco friendly. We are a poison free company.

4. Replacing the Insulation: After we have removed all of the insulation and decontaminated your attic it's time to put new insulation in. We can install cellulose or fiberglass insulation back in. We like to put the most up to date insulation back in. This is typically a value of R-49 to R-60. Meaning you will now have 16"-20" of insulation put back in.

Hire an Attic Clean-up Specialist

If you have had bats in the attic for a long time or a large colony of bats in the attic, you may need your attic cleaned out and decontaminated. Bats can cause structural damage to your insulation and drywall. Bat guano in the attic can also be a major health concern.