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Where do Bats Get Into the Attic?

Do you have bats in the attic or hear scratching noises? Do you smell an awful odor coming from the attic? You may have bats in the attic. Bats can get into your attic through small cracks along the roof, siding, or vents.  A bat can typically fit into an opening 1/2" high x 1 1/2" wide. This means you must look at every square inch of your home.  There are techniques to use when inspecting your home for bats. Michigan Bat Specialists uses the same methods on nearly every home we inspect.  We will discuss the methods for inspecting your home to locate a colony of bats.

Bat Inspection Methods

1. Inspect perimeter of the during an initial walk around the home. Looking up high and low you may find entry points bats are using. Look for large gaps, bat guano, and oil stains to indicate the holes the bats have been using. During the walk through you can get a better idea of the home, the roof pitch, type of roof, damages, and hardness of job. You may also want to look at the foundation for other entry points mice, rats, or squirrels may use.

2. Inspect the roof from the roof. Once you get an idea of the house during your perimeter check you can get the ladders down and climb on the roof. During the roof inspection you will look for damaged ridge vents, roof line construction gaps, loose fascia boards and any other potential entry point you could not see from the ground. Most of the time you can locate the entry point from the roof with evidence of bat guano, oil stains from their fur, or live bats roosting.

3. Inspect the attic from inside the house. Once you have located all the entry points and openings it's time to get in the attic. During the attic inspection you can locate additional entry points you missed from the exterior. However the main reason for inspecting the attic is to determine how much damage the bats in the attic have done. This is crucial for the homeowners health. The may be the most important part of the inspection. Be weary of companies who won't get into the attic. Some homes may not have an attic and may require an access panel cut. If you suspect a large bat problem you should get an access cut.

We inspect both commercial properties and residential homes for bats. Contact us today to have a Michigan Bat Specialists handle your bats.

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